Soul Power Kundalini Yoga Class Hastings & Online

Weekly Kundalini Yoga Class in St Leonards, Hastings & Live stream & on demand.

Come and experience the life changing alchemy of Kundalini Yoga. Classes currently running every Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Suitable for all levels and beginners. £10 drop in.

Every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm-9pm, St Leonards, Hastings. Each week there is a different theme for the class, which will take you on a deep journey of transformation through self awareness, healing, manifesting, developing spiritual connection and I AM soul empowerment. Great for anyone who is looking for more fulfilment, peace and spiritual connection. Book Now. 

Do you hear the call? The Time is Now

Find out more about why Kundalini Yoga is a great self care practise. The practise of Kundalini yoga is rooted in self awareness, healing, growth and transformation. Find out more about the journey that awaits you.

What to Expect

Kundalini Yoga is an anchoring, healing & expansive inner journey. It provides you with essential self care for the mind, body & soul. My classes open a sacred space for you to cultivate connection to self & spirit.
Katie Ingham is a trained Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher specialising in soul growth.  She specialises in healing the heart, self love, empowerment and transformation. She trained with Amrit Sarovar and has been teaching for 5 years. During this time she has fusioned divine alchemy with the traditional practises of Kundalini Yoga to create her own unique signature offering of healing, empowerment and transformation.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Classes can use a combination of include:

*Breathing (pranayama) exercises
*Meditation Practises
*Guided relaxation
*Energy clearing and protection
*Grounding exercises
*Kryia Yoga that have a specific focus and goal-led outcome
*Intention setting and manifesting practises

Any questions please DM me. You will need to bring your own yoga mat or sheepskin, blanket and cushion (if desired). Wear comfy clothes that you can move in and bring water. If you don’t have your own mat let me know and I can supply one.

Join The Class

Ignite Positive Change and Create Positive Vibes with Kundalini Yoga

Your inner world is a reflection of your outer world. If you want to create change this is an inside job! Kundalini Yoga raises your vibration. Setting a clear and focussed intention is very important and we do this both collectively and individually before each class. By setting intentions you can invite change into your consciousness and create the energy to manifest what you want to clear and attract into your life. As you think you vibrate. As you vibrate you attract!

Kundalini Yoga has hundreds of different kryias which work in different ways and create different outcomes. Every class is different and can consist of a variations of one or all of the following: tuning in, movement, breathwork, mantra, mudra, meditation and eye focus.  I always invite you to  seek divine guidance and pick an oracle card  to help steer you in your intention setting.

“It is my intention and wish that you will leave feeling inner peace, uplifted and empowered. It’s time for you to unplug and really nourish your internal world.”

Positive mind, positive vibes, weekly kundalino yoga class hastings

How I Can Help You to Develop a Regular Self Care Practice

Hello from me! If you’re looking to develop a heart felt, healing and transformational practise then you’re in the right place! Here’s a little bit about me, my passions and how I can help you. I am currently running weekly kundalini yoga classes, 1-2-1 private sessions and moon ceremonies ad workshops.

More About Me

“It was so healing and healthy just to unplug and charge up with like minded souls on what really matters. So nourishing.” Kathy, student. 

You are my person of the year! You are my breakthrough of the year and you are my grounding force.


Why Attend a Kundalini Yoga Class?

Through practicing Kundalni yoga regularly you can work to unlock the dormant Kundalini energy that resides in you, connecting you to your intuitive wisdom and infinite self. Regular Kundalini Yoga practice will hugely improve your mental and physical vitality.

By attending my Kundalini Yoga and meditation class or after a one to one session you will feel:

Energised and rejuvenated

Relaxed and recharged

A sense of peace and harmony

Physically strong, more flexible, helping to eliminate aches and pains as well as over come injury and illness.

Empowered to transform your life

More resilient and emotionally strong, helping you to deal with the challenges of life

Safe to confront yourself, release emotions and heal your wounds

One to One Private Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Sessions

One to One, Private Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Session

One to one sessions online via zoom and from my home in St Leonards in Hastings. In preparation for your session I will send you a questionnaire to understand what your challenges, needs and goals are. I also create your soul map using tantric numerology and your astrological birth chart.  One to one sessions have a healing and transformative focus and are bespoke to you. Working in this was allows for deep work. Before each session I tap into your energy and channel in to receive guidance on what is required. My sessions are intuitively lead from the heart with the purest intention of highest good and purpose, to facilitate your healing and empowerment. I provide you with oracle guidance, readings and wisdom and you will learn many tools that will assist you in your practise. Private Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Sessions include:

  • Breathing (pranayama) exercises
  • Meditation Practises
  • Guided relaxation
  • Energy clearing and protection
  • Grounding exercises
  • Kryia Yoga that have a specific focus and goal-led outcome
  • Intention setting and manifesting practises

Many people who book one to one sessions have particular traumas, struggles or challenges that they wish to work through and they feel more confident doing so in a private and safe environment. No experience is necessary, all I ask for is an open mind and willingness to learn. Some clients like to have weekly sessions, some fortnightly and others monthly.

  • 1.5 hour sessions
  • Online via zoom or from home in St Leonards, Hastings.
  • Suitable for all levels
  • £55

Please contact me with any questions and to discuss your needs.

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Small Groups & Hen Parties

Small Group Kundalini Yoga Classes

I can offer small group sessions of up to 4 via my home in St Leonards, Hastings and also by zoom. I align my classes with the universal energy and moon cycles. I work with divine feminine energies and the archangels to call help you to release and heal. My intention with all my classes to make you feel inner peace, uplifted and empowered.  Suitable for all levels and total beginners.

  • I can hold up to three people
  • Classes are 1.5 hours long
  • Home visits also available for groups of friends
  • Bring water, blanket, wear suitable clothes you can move and sit comfortably in

Investment: £20 per person.

Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Self Love Rituals and Moon Ceremonies for Parties, Hen Parties, Birthdays and Special Occasions

Perhaps your organising a hen party or you have a group of friends that want a soul experience? I can offer tailored sessions for your party of women. Self love, empowerment, relaxation and a deep sense of connection with the universe and your life purpose. This is a great way to explore spiritual ceremony and add more meaning to an auspicious occasion or celebration. Happy to meet your needs and requirements. Let’s talk!

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