Soul Power Tarot Coaching

Why should I have a Tarot Reading & Coaching Session?

Are you feeling stuck or do you lack direction?

Are you going through a tough time and in need of reassurance or a new perspective? 

Do you need help making the right decision? 

Do you have big life questions regarding your future? 

Are you feeling unfulfilled and longing to find deeper meaning?

Do you need guidance from the universe and reassurance that you’re on the right path?

Would you like to receive intuitive guidance on your life purpose?

Are you trying to find the confidence to pursue your dream career or launch your own business?

Are you wondering how or when you will find your dream partner?

The Tarot knows you in a deep and profound way. I am a professional tarot reader, and psychic channel.  Whether you are seeking advice on your life circumstances, life purpose, finances, love, career or family, Soul Power Tarot Coaching can provide you with the reassurance, guidance and clarity that you are seeking. My passion is to help you transform and grow. Tarot is for soul growth and is a brilliant tool which helps you to align with your life purpose, so that you feel fulfilled and connected with the universe. My tarot reading and coaching sessions help you to navigate through challenges and empower you to make the best choices for your highest good and potential.

My passion is to help you transform and grow. Soul Power Tarot Coaching empowers and motivates you to create your best life! 


How does Tarot Coaching Work?

Tarot coaching is in principle very similar to tarot reading, however I work with a clear objective and intention to provide help and advice on your chosen enquiry. When it comes to transformation we are our own worst enemy. Tarot coaching works collaboratively with you to bring you understanding and self awareness so that you can work through your limitations and make informed choices to become the master of your destiny. I use a powerful combination of intuitive guidance, life coaching skills, Kundalini Yoga philosophy and tarot reading to help you have direction, which is action based and goal lead.

How can Tarot Coaching Help Me?

You are unique and there is something that you can do in a way that nobody else can. Soul Power Tarot Coaching can help you to discover your unique soul power. Each person has a different journey in  understanding and finding their life purpose or soul calling, but the truth is that we all want to live a meaningful and fulfilling existence. Feelings of being blocked or stuck, arise when we are not in alignment with our authentic, higher-selves and life purpose.

Gain the confidence to become all you want to be!

Soul Power Tarot Coach gets directly to the heart of the matter and helps you to understand the situation or yourself on a much deeper level. It can also reveal to you what you already know, giving you the reassurance and confidence to trust your intuition. Often it will help you to shine light on what was buried and allow you to see things from a fresh pair of eyes.

Imagine how lovely it would be to have the  forewarning and confidence to be able to navigate through important life choices and challenges! Knowledge is power, with the new insight and advice you can learn how best to move, transform, feeling empowered to create the life you want to live.


Make the Impact You Deserve to Make

How is Tarot Coaching Different to a Tarot Reading?

Tarot card readings are a wonderful tool to move forward in life and you will always benefit. Especially if you don’t know what is happening, you may feel stuck or indecisive and you would love to have clarity. Tarot coaching gives you this guidance and insight with the added bonus of feeling empowered to take action! Like life coaching, tarot coaching is an empowering process aimed  to help you make decisions and take action.

Insight and Guidance + Empowerment and Action

Soul Power Tarot Coaching shines the light within. The tarot cards are used as a coaching tool for self development and transformation and I truly really believe this is where their medicine becomes life-changing and magical. During a Soul Power tarot coaching you will receive intuitive guidance that will help you make the appropriate practical steps to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Do I need a question for my Tarot Coaching Session?

The short answer is yes. You will get much more from your session if you come with a question prepared. This doesn’t have to be really specific, but you will at least know if it is related to love, career, a life impacting decision etc.

What does a Tarot Coaching & Energy Healing Session involve?

If you are going through a hard time and your are struggling to move through emotional challenges then a Tarot Coaching & Energy Healing Session is an excellent way for you to receive a total reset. Once you have received your tarot session, I will channel in an appropriate energy healing practise for you. Until the session I will not know what this will be. For example, it could be a meditation practise, chakra healing, light bathing or  archangel energy healing. The purpose being to clear and reset your energy so that you are aligned energetically, feeling balanced and at peace. Energy healing will help you the emotional, mental and energetic strength needed for you to navigate change.

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