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Full Moon In Gemini

Find the Answers You Need

You are invited to join this sacred women’s circle where we harness the power of the moon and divine feminine energy to release, heal and let go. At each ceremony you are invited to discover and reclaim a part of yourself, reclaiming your energy and empowering you to create your desired reality.

The full moon in Gemini calls for us to connect with our airy lightness and vast infinite space within.  From this space of neutrality you can find the answers that you are seeking. We will connect with the moon’s element of water to  ignite our shakti energy and spark our creative flow.

How can you make each breath sacred and how can you move to create more joy and creativity in your life? 

Under the light of the Full Moon we have access to both our conscious and subconscious mind, revealing our true desires in this world. During this Full Moon Ceremony we will connect with the energy and wisdom of the Full Moon to shed light on our life’s purpose, releasing all that doesn’t serve our highest purpose.

The ceremony will be held from my home in Cromer, Stevenage SG2. Situated between Walkern and Baldock. I have room for 12, places sell out fast so book early to avoid disappointment. I call upon the divine guidance of the moon and angels to channel a ceremony suited to what the time requires. Each ceremony comprises of some gentle yoga moves, breathwork, mantra, meditation and intention setting. You can also pull oracle cards to help steer you. You’ll leave feeling uplifted, empowered and extremely relaxed!

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