Kundalini Yoga Meditation

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Heal Your Wounds and Manifest More love in Your Life.

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Heal Your Wounds & Open Your Heart to Manifest Love in Your Life

Welcome beautiful goddesses. This is a full heart opening kundalini yoga meditation and practice to awaken your goddess, heal and open your heart and manifest more love in your life. It includes, grounding breathwork to create your sacred space. Tuning in with “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” to connect with your higher self and open up to receive divine wisdom. Self care is self love and the journey starts with you! Open your heart and connect with the voice of your soul to heal and manifest more love in your life.

I also open up the channel to receive the energy of the Goddess of Devotion – Paravati;

“When I choose love my soul evolves.”

I recommend that you have a pure intention (for the highest good of all), and call this into your heart and consciousness as part of this practise.

Why Chanting Opens the Heart

During this mediation we chant the mantra Sat Kartar. Sat is a Sanskrit word meaning Truth or true essence. Kartar means “Doer” This mantra is like truth in action. You are manifesting your true essence of love. Chanting is a fast and efficient way to raise your vibration and release all of those happy chemicals – including serotonin and dopamine.

Our heart can close for many reasons. People, relationships, experiences and situations that challenge us, cause us suffering, pain and fear, can cause us to close up as way of protecting ourselves. When we are also stuck in the negative mind, we are not living from our hearts and we are vibrating at a low frequency. To attract more love into your life our heart needs to be open and we need to raise our energy to receive the high vibration of love into our lives. The law of attraction is at play. Love attracts love. We need to live, breath and think ourselves into the unconditional flow of love. What can you do today to give more love, to yourself or others? What daily actions and practices can you introduce into your life to attract in the love that you want to receive? Positive affirmations, prayer, blessings and gratitude practices are some examples.

I challenge you to do this meditation every day for 40 days and see what happens. It will have a huge impact on your state of being and vibration. Unconditional love is a state of consciousness. To love is a choice. We need to choose day by day, minute by minute to love, and that is a life time’s work!

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