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Join me to create confidence and faith in yourself on this new moon. The new moon in Gemini brings us a new cycle of communication, this is a great time to improve and realign the way that you communicate in your relationships, to yourself and with the universe. It’s time to wipe the slate clean and start over. Join me to let go of resistance, say yes to change, and step into the flow. 

In person in St Leonards, and online via zoom. Wednesday June 5th @ 7:30pm. 

If you feel that you’re lacking assertiveness, this is the time for you to create the confidence you need to communicate your truth and move forward in a way that truly fulfils you. We will energise and power-up so that we can remove obstacles, and move forward to creating our dreams with faith and confidence.

During this Manifesting Ceremony you will learn how to enter into unlimited potential through the frequency of the heart and trust that all your needs are met and an amazing pool of infinite possibility awaits. Learn how to come into an abundant communion with the universe to co-create a radiant reality.

2024 Manifesting Ceremony

Kundalini Goddess is inviting you to reclaim you power and work with spirit to become the best version of yourself.  Join this scared space of like-minded souls to connect deeply with yourself and the universe to create the life you want to live.

This is an opportunity for you to learn about how you block the flow of abundance and to remove obstacles.

The goddess, kundalini energy is the energy of creation. Awaken the goddess within by activating your Kundalini Energy with breath work, movement, meditation and energy healing. You will learn how to quieten the mind to dissolve negative, low vibrational thoughts and emotions. We will use powerful mantra and heart opening meditation to produce feel-good vibes, elevating you in to a joyful and peaceful state of receptivity so that yo can receive intuitive guidance. When you align your energy with love and joy it puts your manifestation into motion. Take the first steps to learning how to co-create with the universe!


  • Kundalini Activation
  • Manifesting Ritual
  • Breathwork
  • Movement
  • Sacral and womb healing
  • Chakra/Energy Healing
  • Mantra and Meditation
  • Channelled Guidance
  • Oracle and prayer
  • Intention setting

I will  channel goddess archetypes to understand challenges and assist you in your empowerment. The session begins with an oracle/tarot reading for group guidance. Come alone or bring your family/and or friends. This is a celebration of the goddess within you. Awaken to your highest potential

How to Prepare

There are no entry requirements to join. All that is required is an open mind. Bring water, pen and paper for journaling, and anything to place on the altar. We will be seated on yoga mats during the session. Physical kundalini yoga and movement is part of the session. There is relaxation and integration at the end.

£15 investment per person or £10 concession – pay what you can afford.  


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