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Super Full Moon Ceremony in Scorpio

Feel It! Emotional Transformation & Healing

Join me for this special full moon ceremony via zoom on Wednesday 28th April. The divine feminine energy of the full moon opens a portal for you to connect deeply with your emotions, intuition, and wisdom. When the full moon in Scorpio it is like getting a double dose of full moon energy, plus this is a super full pink moon so super-charged!

During the ceremony, we welcome in the full moon’s illuminating light to heal and transform negative emotions, detrimental patterns and behaviours and release all that is draining you. Reclaim your power and choose to shift all that doesn’t serve you!

This monster moon in Scorpio invites deep into our darkest depths. During this full moon week, you should expect the unexpected – conflict and stubbornness may challenge you. Learn to navigate through your darkness and bring clarity, healing and transformation to challenges.

What to expect:

  • Intention Setting
  • Healing Meditation
  • Mantra and Chanting
  • Affirmations
  • Breathwork and movement to awaken Shakti life force energy
  • Goddess and Archangel oracles readings
  • Prayer & Gratitude practises

Online Ceremony Via Zoom

During this ceremony we work energetically using a combination of movement, breathwork, meditation, mantra and mudra. We also use manifesting rituals with intentions and affirmations. I channel goddess energy, healing archangel energies and intuitive channelling.

You will need:

Pen & Pad/paper

  • Create your sacred space. Burn candles, incense, soften the lights, create an altar with special items that hold meaning to you. No pressure, whatever feels good for you.
  • Where clothes that you can easily move in
  • Have water to hand
  • Cushion to sit on if needed

Please arrive 5 minutes early to the group. Please mute yourself throughout the ceremony unless you are contributing. I will share a Spotify playlist that you can play.

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